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If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.  ~Gustav Mahler



Bram was born in Holland, and grew up in Gendt. At a very young age, Bram was interested in Music. He always sang, and did his musical thing on his very specific Bram-way. At the age of 6, he started with recorder-lessons. At the age of 10, he went to the Local Wind Band to play the clarinet. Firstly, he had to do theory-lessons for a couple of years. Finally, he got his clarinet. He was not very gifted in clarinet, but Bram was muscially-inclined. He had lessons, and went to play in the Wind Band. In a short time, he went from 3rd Clarinet to Solo Clarinet. At Secondary school, he had a music teacher, who stimulated him to practice music as much as possible, he also advises Bram to study at a Conservatory. It was in that time that Bram did a lot of music things: singing, playing music, etc.

After he graduate from secondary school, despite his music teacher’s advice, Bram went on to the University of Social Studies. After he graduate, Bram worked as a social worker for a period of 5 years.

During his study and his work, music began to play a significant role in his life. He started to teach, conduct, and play in several wind bands.

Eventually, Bram started his studies in conducting, which is primary training at the Conservatory in Zwolle, where Harrie Janssen was his teacher. Thereafter, he went to the “Bourdon Hogeschool of Muziek” conservatory, where he studied part-time in band conducting (teacher: Gerrit Fokkema) and Choir Conducting (teacher: Oane Wierdsma).

In 2 years time, he went to the Tilburg Conservatory to study Clarinet and the same time, under-study Conducting with Dr. Hardy Mertens. The reason for under-studying with Dr. Hardy Mertens due to the fact that he was authority in composition for wind band and conducting. During his studies, he decided that the main theme of his studies would be “Asian wind band music”.

Bram will finish his studies at the 12th of June this year.

Bram conducts several bands an choirs in Holland. He is a frequently asked guest-conductor by serval high-level bands.

For the upcoming concert, under the baton of Bram, Mus’Art Wind Orchestra will perform his arrangement of “Arirang” and his composition “A Story of Stars”, as well as “Year of the Dragon” by Philip Sparke.


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