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If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.  ~Gustav Mahler



Community grows world-class orchestra.

Mus'Art Wind Orchestra achieved 1st Prize in WMC 2009. More updates available soon. Click here

Click here for the press release on our latest achievement in WMC 2005! In 2001, the MWO won 2nd prize in the World Music Contest in Kerkrade, Holland, the very first time it has participated in international competitions.

Back in Singapore, it has performed in the major concert halls in Singapore, such as the Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore Conference Hall, University Cultural Centre, and the Jubilee Hall. The wind orchestra believes in focussed genre-themed concerts and has held Ethnic, Musicals, Latin, Jazz and fundraising concerts.

In June 8 2002,a Chamber concert featured the Mus'Art Percussion Ensemble and Mus'Art Music Groups was held to great applause. The wind orchestra aims to raise the standards of music-making in Singapore and to increase the public-awareness of Musical art. To this end, it has been preparing for a Music Festival, a Music Writing Competition and a December concert at the Esplanade. Upgrading workshops were given by Dr Hardy Mertens during July for its aim to participate in WMC 2005.

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